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Full name / nickname: Jesper Svenningsen / Svenne.
Year of birth: 1977
Occupation: Construction site worker.
Family status: Daughter: Isabella. Girlfriend: Eva.
Hometown/ current place of living: Skive, Denmark.
Sponsors: Brodega Skateboards.
Skateboarding since: 1987.
First skateboard: Powell Peralta: Tommy Guerrero Flaming Dagger.
Biggest influences back then: Danny Way.

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Current setup: Brodega 8.6, Independent 159 hollow, Kevin Kowalski Bones wheels 56 mm.
Favorite skatespot: Still searching…
Favorite go-to trick: Madonna.
Favorite skateboarder of all time: Bucky Lasek.
Worst slam: Madonna hangups; knocked out my teeth three times on those.
Best skaterelated drunken-story: I forgot, but it definitely involved my cousins (the skinny and the fat butcher).
Best roadtrip: Vert Attack number whatever.

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Run us through your:
Skatecrew: Rune Frost, Kim E (disgusting), Nicolai (Pedro).
Hometurf: 500 square meter bowl with spines, extensions and a 20 meter straight coping.
Future plans: Have fun with my skateboard.
Tell us about your skateboarding in the:
80’s: Clumsy street skating.
90’s: Rebellious; started to skate transitiions (vert ramps). A lot of road trips. Did my first 540 in the late 90’s.
00’s: Same as the 90’s…
10’s: Still enjoying skateboarding with my homies 3-4 times a week. I’m happy to still be able to skate as much as I do.
Anything else / Final words: Keep skateboarding a crime.
Is there anyone you’re like to thank out there? Everybody. 

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