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Full name / nickname: Kim Stær, Stær, Star
Year of birth: 1974
Occupation: Schoolteacher/socialworker
Familystatus: wifey + two kids aged 13 and 18 
Hometown: Aarhus
Sponsors: I am getting stuff from Brodega skateboards, Indy and Volcom are also nice to hook me up with clothing.

Kim Stær - Now & Then - Pusher Issue One from Pusher Skate Mag. on Vimeo.

Skateboarding since: 1987
First skateboard: Claus Grabke - Santa Cruz
Biggest influences back then: The locals at the indoor skatepark in Aarhus in the 80´s and 90´s Fabrikken. Peter Rölling, Thomas Elmer, Daniel Schou, Mikkel Birk, Dan, Thor, Thorbjørn, Søren E. + lots of other local shredders.
Current setup: 8.12 Brodega deck + Indy 139 titaniums, Bones wheels 52 mm., Bones ceramics bearings. 

Favorite skatespot: I love Sibbarp skatepark in Malmo and Barcelona streetspots. 
Favorite go-to trick: Heelflips and tailslides
Worst slam: Getting knocked out at the Smingepool in 89. 
Best skateboard related drunken story: Too many to mention but probably at Danmarks Grimmeste Festival 2000 and something. 
Skatecrew: I skate with all kinds of skaters in Arhus, kids, girls, oldschoolers and everybody in between. Whenever Kim Batiste or Aravin Arder comes to town I skate with them. On the daily i skate with Per Mullis a lot a straight up an OG Aarhus ripper:) + I skate with my son Tobias and his friends a lot ofc. 

Home turf: I skate at LG skatepark, X, and Robbiespottet. In the winter I usually skate at ASS-hallen. 
 80´s: Learning having the best time at Fabrikken
90´s: Still learning having the best time in the streets and at Skive skateboard Club. 
00´s: Becoming a father, running Manual skateshop, working and trying to maintain my skateboarding. 
10´s: Still skating, teaching kids how to skate, having fun and skating with my own son Tobias. 

Anything else / Final words: Thank you to everybody i have met through skateboarding and who i have shared a session with over the years. Big ups to Hanne for holding on through thick and thin. 

Kim at Robbie - The local DIY spot in Aarhus, Denmark

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