Nicklas Sundgaard

Full name / nickname: Nicklas Sundgaard, Bighead
Occupation: Bryggeriets Gymnasium
Hometown: Copenhagen
Sponsors: Brodega Skateboards

Skateboarding since: 2014
First skateboard: Element, Nyjah Huston
Biggest influences back then: Trey Wood
Current setup: Brodega 8,5
ACE 44
Spitfire 56

Favorite skatespot: Fælledparken Skatepark
Favorite go-to trick: Bs tailslide
Favorite skateboarder of all time: Cory Juneau

Worst slam: When I hit my head down the three block in Fælledparken and I passed out. My friend had to take me to the hospital.

Best roadtrip: Went I went to Stockholm with betongcupen

Run us through your skatecrew: Everyone from my school and Miki

Is there anyone out there, you’ll like to thank: Thank you Miki for being for being my manager.

Nicklas Sundgaard / Brodega Skateboards