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Tøjdyr / SH5 / 8.6"

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All of our decks comes with a free sheet of MOB griptape and stickers included. Just because we LOVE stickers and skateboarding!

Brodega Skateboard deck - SH5 - 8.6" / This is a shaped skateboard with money bumps on the nose for added radness. Express yo'self and ride hard !!

Deck Specs:

  • Size: 8.6"
  • Length: 32.25"
  • Wheelbase: 14.75"
  • Nose: 6.8"
  • Tail: 6.7"
  • Concave: Deep
  • Shape: SH5 (View our shape guide)

Additional information:
All Brodega decks are made from 7-ply North American Maple from our sustainable regrowth programme. 1 tree cut = 1 tree planted. 

The wood we use comes from gentle and sustainable forestry around the Great Lakes in Canada and the USA. Both the special adhesive and the paintwork are particularly durable and at the same time environmentally friendly. Each deck is pressed individually and undergoes 3 separate quality controls during production to prevent production errors and to uphold our high quality standards.