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  • Special Shapes

    We really care about how a board rides, and we'll take the time to ensure that each of our shapes is on point. We believe that skateboarding is an art form, and should be treated as such by the people making the boards you ride. In respect of your riding pleasure, we have made these shaped beauties to ensure your stoke when you ride a Brodega Skateboard.

    View our Shaped Decks 
  • Our Bro-Team

    Our Bro-Team ain’t no Pro-Team. These riders aren’t the guys who claim top podium placements every other week, or get the cover of your favorite skatemag. They are not statistically or technically the best or on their way to the olympics, but they are all of that special breed that gets you excited to ride your skateboard.

    Meet the Bro-Team 
  • Who We Are...

    Brodega Skateboards was born out of Denmark, from a desire to embrace, celebrate and promote the pure, and subcultural side of danish skateboarding, while providing superior skateboarding products and apparel. We love skateboarding for the creativity and individuality it has always bred and thrived on, and our mission is to honor that in everything we do.

    About Us 
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