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brodega about usBrodega Skateboards was born out of Denmark, from a desire to embrace, celebrate and promote the pure, and subcultural side of danish skateboarding, while providing superior skateboarding products and apparel.

We love skateboarding for the creativity and individuality it has always bred and thrived on, and our mission is to honor that in everything we do. We want to foster the positive self-expression that builds confidence and establish the foundations to pursue success. We want to ignite the passion and to connect pathways to success and good times. We honor the past, the present and the future, and we have the utmost respect for the history and culture that has molded us all and our views on life. Brodega Skateboards is out to help us all remember. Remember the sessions, the friendships, the stoke and the love that has kept us all rolling through life.

Brodega Skateboards is for those who lose their breath but never their passion. For those who might be lacking stamina but never the true heart. Brodega isn’t about age, fashion or ability - Brodega is a state of mind and a feel of heart - Brodega is for the love of skateboarding.

Brodega Skateboards - 100% skaterowned and operated.

Brodega skateboard
One Love!
Esben & Jesper
Esben Garder & Jesper Andreasen / Brodega Skateboards
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Brodega Skateboards
Mispelvej 44, 9000 Aalborg. Denmark
(VAT. No.) CVR-nr.: DK-41081171

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