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Pauli Lynnerup

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Full name / nickname:
Pauli Lynnerup. Pølle. 
Year of birth: 1979 
Occupation: Im a mechanic, working in a car shop 
Family status: 2 kids. A 3 year old girl and a 8 year old boy. I`m living with my girlfriend Gry and her daughter from a previous relationship 
Hometown / Current place of living: Born and raised in Vodskov 15km north of Aalborg. Now Im living in Skørping 
Sponsors: Brodega Skateboards 
Skateboarding since: 1989
First skateboard: Santa Cruz. Jason Jessee, Neptune
Biggest influence back then: Esben Birk (Now Esben Garder) got me started. Plus all the old homies, who is still killing it, Brian Larsen, Kim Kam, Jesper Andreasen, the crew from Skive - Dan Nielsen, Bo Nielsen, Mads Clausen… Just too many to mention. Kim Bisbjerg needs a mention too - he is one of the good old boys too. 

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Current setup: Brodega 8.6, Indy 149, Bones Ben Raybourn SPF 55mm
Favorite skatespot: The Roundwall Bowl
Favorite go to trick: Frontside 5-0
Favorite skateboarder of all time: Heath Kirchart
Worst slam: Gap Frontside 180 to torn ligaments and a shattered meniscus 
Best drunken skateboard-related story: Vert Attack 2016 - Hardcore partying inside the parking facility with Brian Larsen and Kevin Bækkel. Opened all cardoors and cranked the music to full volume. Apparently we got so shitfaced that we just left the DIY-disco. All our gear was left inside the car. 3 hours later we were in need of beers, and went to get some in the car.  The music was still blasting from the car, and nothing was missing from the vehicle. Inside was 12 boxes of beers and all our shit. We were psyked and laughing our ass off while we shut down music and picked up the beers.
Best roadtrip: Same story. Vert attack 2016 - amazing company and lots of great skateparks to session. Partying with all the old guys from Aalborg and Skive - always a pleasure.

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Run us through your: 
Skatecrew: The Roundwall crew and If/when i'm skating in Vejgaard Skatehal it's usually with Jacob Sørensen, Frelle, Thomas Nielsen and his brothers.
Hometurf: Skørping 9520 baby
Future plans: Just enjoying life with my family and keep on skating as much as possible.

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Tell us about your skating in the:
80’s: I started skating in the summer of 89 in Vodskov, together with Esben Garder and the rest of the Vodskov crew.
90’s: I started skating in Vejgaard skatehal in 90-91, where I got to know all the Aalborg boys: Kristian og Mikkel Bomholt, Carsten Rask, Henrik Edelbo, Mikkel Jørgensen, Christian Daugberg and many more. I got on the Surf&Ski skateteam in 93, in 95 I went on to Skate House and got hooked up with DC shoes. In 1998 I got on APQ and was flowed shoes from Osiris. I severely busted my knee in the spring of 99, and I was off my board for 18 months, which sucked more than anything. That knee has taken me through 5 additional surgeries since then.
00’s: In 2002 I rode for LAB, Krew and Vans, and in 2004 I went to the spanish Nomad team along with Kristian Bomholt (RIP). In 2005 I went to skate for Choker, but the knee was still pretty messed up, and the days of me street skating was coming to an end. Cookiefactory donated a miniramp in an old warehouse in Aalborg back in 2008. That’s where Onsdagscruiseren was born which later turned into Roundwall - Aalborg Skateboard Forening. From there on it has been mostly transition skateboarding for me.
10’s: Closing down the decade with me getting on the Brodega team.

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Anything else/Final words:
A huge thanks to Jesper Andreasen and Esben Garder who has hooked me up with Brodega Skateboards.
Is there anyone out there that you’ll like to thank: Props to all the boys. You all know who you are. Thanks and hugs to my amazing girl, who knows the importance of leaving space for the homies and my skateboarding.

Thank you Pauli :)

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