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Full name / nickname:
 Bastian Rytter / Svend
Year of birth: 1996
Occupation: Personal helper for disabled people
Hometown / current place of living: Skørping / Copenhagen
Sponsors: Brodega Skateboards, Ocean Skateshop
Skateboarding since: 2010
First skateboard: Element Skateboards, Chad Tim Tim
Biggest influences back then: Everybody who was part of my scene
Current setup: Prefer decks as wide as they come, indys 159 and Type-S wheels

Favorite skatespot: The Brobowl in Skørping
Favorite go-to trick: Depends on the spot
Favorite skateboarder of all time: The skinny butcher from Skive
Worst slam: I broke my arm on the first day of school at Bryggeriet in Malmø. That sucked

Bastian Rytter - Pusher Issue 2 from Pusher Skate Mag. on Vimeo.

Best roadtrip:
I went roadtrippin’ for 3 months in an RW this summer - skated Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. That was damn rad.

Run us through your:
Skatecrew: Everyone who rides on 4 wheels
Hometurf: Skørping
Future plans: Time will tell
Anything else/ Final words: Store patter
Is there anyone you’re like to thank out there? All my homies

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