Malthe Søgaard

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Malthe Søgaard @sean_soegard

Full name / Nickname: Malthe Søgaard / Sean
Age: Born in 1997
Current place of living: Snedsted Thy. Hopefully Aalborg soon
Occupation: Helper at Thisted Hospital
Sponsors: Brodega skateboards
Skateboarding since: 2007
First skateboard: Bullet skateboard
Biggest influences back then: Joey Thomsen and all the surfers in Thy
Your setup: 8.5" Brodega board and whatever rides
Favorite skatespot: Just a good mini ramp or bowl
Favorite go-to trick: Fs disaster
Favorite skateboarder of all time: Grant Taylor
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Worst slam:
Broke my shoulder on the big part of the ramp in Hanstholm on a blunt rock to fakie - had to get surgery for that one.
Best skate-related drunken-story: Went hill bombing with Mads Jensen at a party at maybe 4 in the morning. Came back to the party covered in blood - Fun night...
Best roadtrip: Went on a road trip along the west coast all the way down to Spain with Mads Jensen, just skating, surfing and cliff jumping for 2 months
Run us through your skatecrew: Who ever is down to skate
Hometurf: Thy!!!
Future plans: Keep doing what i am doing now. Skate as much as possible.
Anything else / Final words: Can’t wait for Tobi Thomsen to join Brodega as well
Is there anyone you would like to thank out there? My friends and family!!!

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for Malthe at your local spot..!

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