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Joey Thomsen - @joeythomsen

Joey Thomsen Brodega Skateboards

Full name / nickname: Joey Thomsen / JT

Occupation: Ship fitter 

Hometown: Hanstholm

Sponsors: Brodega Skateboards. 

Skateboarding since: 2004

First skateboard: Flip, Ali Boulala

Biggest influences back then: Dustin Dollin, Mark appleyard, Thomas Nielsen, Mads Christensen, Kim stær, Chris aka. Woodman

Current setup: Brodega “Hot Dawg” 8,375, thunder hollow 149, spitfire formula four

Home-turf: Klitmøller bowl 

Favorite skatespot: Hal A with the boys!

Favorite go-to trick: Nollie bigspin

Favorite skateboarder of all time: Mark Appleyard I think, or Cody McEntire

Worst slam: When i broke my ankle and had to go though 2 surgery’s 

Best skateboard related drunken story: We where at a festival, drinking, skating and having a good time, when I found a crew t-shirt and jumped in to the bar, and handed over free beers for all the bro’s

Best roadtrip: 2013 in Australia. I lived in a van for 11 months, just drove around and skated 

Run us through your Skatecrew: Ronja, Donin, Pedro, Svenne, Woodman, Søren hugorm, Tobitrippledeal, tripplenipplejew, fjæld prinsen 

Tell us about your skating in the:



00´s: Back when I was rollerblading, remember seeing all the local rippers from “Akafa Thisted” having a blast, the crew and everything around them was just amazing! They where drinking beers, doing flips, grinds and all that shit, and I was like: Fuuuck!! That’s what I wanna do, that’s where I wanna be!! And so I started skating. 

10´s: Just rolling and rolling over the years, can’t believe they’re already gone. 

Anything else/final words: Thank you Brodega!

Is there anyone out there, you’ll like to thank: My Mom! For always supporting me no matter what I did, love you!! And all the homies, thank you!

Joey Thomsen Brodega Skateboards

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