Frederik Led Mølleskov

Full name / nickname: Frederik Led Mølleskov 
Age: Born 1994
Occupation: Blacksmith 
Family status: Totally taken
Hometown / Current place of living: Born and raised in Skjern, but is currently living in Herning.
Sponsors: Brodega and Downstairs Tattoo
Skateboarding since: 2006
First skateboard: Element Bam Margera
Biggest influences back then: Chris Cole, Mark Appleyard, Jonas Daater, Mads Christensen.
Your current setup: Brodega board 8.25, Thunder trucks 148, Wayward wheels 52mm, Pusher fucking speed bearings. 
Favorite skatespot: Park: 7400 Terminalen. Street: Le dome Paris.  
Favorite go-to trick: 3flip 
Favorite skateboarder of all time: Cody McEntire. 

Worst slam: Slammed my head into the ground trying a trick over a car at a contest in Sønderborg. Woke up in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. 
Best skaterelated drunken-story: Any one of the trips to the FAR’n’HIGH skate contests in France. Huge raging afterparties at the hotel.
Best roadtrip: Same answer... One of those trips to France
Run us through your Skatecrew: Anyone who is down with 7 plies of maple and a set of wheels, and who is ready for a session.
Hometurf: Terminalen in Herning.
Future plans: As much skateboarding as possible!!!  
Tell us about your skateboarding in the:
00’s: Discovered skateboarding and its possibilities in 2006
10’s: Pretty much did nothing but skateboarding from early morning til late at night.
Anything else / Final words: Thanks to you guys at Brodega for bringing me on board and letting me be a part of the journey.
Is there anyone you would like to thank out there? Everyone who skates, and is down for a huge highfive.

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