Mads Bojsen Jensen

Brodega Skateboards / Bro-Team
Mads Bojsen Jensen @mads_jensen1

Name: Mads Bojsen Jensen
Age: Born in ´98
Hometown: Thisted
Sponsors: Brodega Skateboards, Relentlessinperson, Stick2freedom and Holmström
Skateboarding since: 2008
First board: A shitty stick from Sportsmaster
Biggest influence back them: Joey Thomsen. The guy who told me to quit gymnastics and dedicate all my time to skateboarding.
Current setup: Brodega Dönish 8.75”, Unknown wheels, Spitfire bearings, Indy 159
Favourite spot: The spine-bowl in Skive
Favourite Go-to Trick: Nollie backside disaster
Favourite skateboarder: Pedro Barros
Worst Slam/Drunken story: Full throttle slam downhilling past the hospital in Thisted
Run us through your skate-crew: Malthe, Tobi, Anders, Hubert and Rasmus
Hometurf: Thisted Skatehal
Future plans: Moving to Aalborg and skating as much as possible
Anything else/Final words: Force Malthe to shoot and send in some footy... And then put him on the team ;)
Anyone you’ll like to thank: My homies and my sponsors

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